Rag Mama Rag

Guitar Boogie

Rag Mama Rag live in concert at the Salaise Blues Festival, France playing the traditional blues tune Guitar Boogie


2 Responses to “Guitar Boogie”

  1. Ian Loveday says:

    Back in New Zealand now but met you at “The Bell” in Bath, have seen you both three times now, and I think your great! It’s worth the air fare just to see you! If your ever out this way please let me know. Forgot to ask you what tuning do you use on your guitars?

    Thank you both
    Ian Loveday

  2. rmrashley says:

    Sorry we have not replied before, overlooked it somehow. Glad that you enjoyed the gig in Bath. The tunings are: National resophonic; open D A D F# A D, open G D G D G B D open G minor G D G G Bb D
    Weissenborn lap steel D A D F# A D
    Have a great Christmas

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